A second to say goodbye

Takes a second to say goodbye, say goodbye – apologies to The Edge (U2 not CloudFront) – but it does only take a second for website visitors to get bored and say goodbye.

Luckily it’s never been easier to do a global speed test from 18 locations thanks to the amazing service at fastorslow.com.

This is showing an average page load of 1.09s from 18 locations for a fully loaded WooCommerce shop page hosted in AWS London region. Underlying that, the European locations Sweden, France, England, Ireland fully load the page in <0.6s whereas a few outlying locations are showing >1.7s or 2s in the case of Singapore.


The key underlying components to this level performance are:

  • CloudFront CDN and S3 offloading front end requests from the server.
  • Lazy Image loading, appropriate image sizing and Webp means that unnecessary images are not loaded, and where they are needed, the most optimal format is used
  • WordPress page output caching means that for most requests the webserver is returning a pre-made .html page without executing any php, for example an .htaccess rule that returns the cached html file if it exists
  • and for calls which do require dynamic execution:
    • Redis Object Cache means that even when  executing php WordPress does not query the database more than necessary: commonly used objects are instead reactivated from Redis in-memory cache. Without Redis, WordPress will still attempt to cache objects, but uses the database to do so causing high database load on each request.
    • OPCache: ensures that the compiled php is cached in memory and does not need to be re-read from disk, re-parsed and re-compiled on every request.


part of a series on cPanel migration to AWS

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