SEO: top-ranked in multiple languages

Inkston is now top ranked in English, Spanish, French and German, thanks to quality content, correct markup, responsive site, and human translation.

Do you need help doing the same for your business?

English site

Number 2 after wikipedia.  2 out of 2.86million results for Xuan paper:


Spanish site

For Spanish inkston has positions 3,4 and 9 for papel Xuan, or in the second screenshot positions 4,5,6,7..


French site

This is more difficult because searching Google France for ‘papier Xuan’ also brings back results in German and Polish – and we only added French in August so it hasn’t earned the ranking yet.

Even so we get 2 entries on google first page thanks to listings on Amazon France:


German site

Our German site is limited and a bit new to appear, but now we have collaborator in Germany to help with the language the rankings are going up, again top page for our Amazon Germany shop, and oddly if we ask google to search for ‘Xuan papier’ only and ignore ‘Xuan paper’, then our French buyer’s guide appears on the top page (even though we have in fact translated that into German).


2 thoughts on “SEO: top-ranked in multiple languages

  1. Also at time of writing, also has number 1 and 2 position for Xuan brush (above wikipedia article), number 4 for “Four Treasures” (chinese 4 treasures of the study – inkstone, brushes, ink, paper) and top page for inkstone too


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