Translating WooCommerce 3

Please note the official release 1.0 of WooCommerce Polylang Integration supporting WooCommerce3 is now out.   WooCommerce is well known now with over 10+ million downloads to date, over 350 contributors and claims to power around 30% of all online stores.

woo-poly-integration provides shop managers with a lightweight open-source solution for a complete translation of the shop, including:

  • Product Title, Descriptions, Categories, Tags, Attributes
  • Shipping Methods, Payment Methods, Order Emails, Tax strings etc
  • Extensive options regarding types of data to be synchronised or translated between different language versions of the same product

There was quite a bit of work involved in this due to the deep integration and the extensive breaking changes on the WooCommerce side, so we took the opportunity to incorporate most outstanding issues and requests.

There is also new documentation area at

If you have issues with this new release please report in

Previous versions were reporting 5,000 active installations, considering the large number of issues addressed, this could grow significantly now a more complete and up to date version is available.

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