The Fable of the PMO, the Wolf and the Crocodiles

Once upon a time there was a PMO where “project managers” lived.

It was a rigorous and good PMO. It pursued improvement in the management of the projects, standardization of processes and improvement of the quality of the deliveries. It had objectives for process improvement and a strategic orientation.

The Project Managers “fed their PMO” with real data that represented the reality of the project. The Project Managers were not “afraid” of their PMO. He helped them in their work.

The PMO produced executive reports of the highest value. Sometimes with red indicators and sometimes with green indicators. But always with true information. Without creating unnecessary alarms.

But, … one day, a WOLF came who was “very nervous” to see the Reds in their PMO. He screamed and screamed when he saw a Red.

He created a culture of fear and guilt.

The Project Managers began to “touch up the results of their projects” to their PMO, and the PMO retouched them again to present them to the WOLF.

There were no REDs anymore, and the wolf was quiet.

The WOLF, pleased his CROCODILE bosses with nice messages.


And the crocodiles, they made executive decisions.

… and wondered: Why do we want a PMO with so much green?


translated and reproduced with permission from post by Francisco Jose Martin-Moreno Carnero

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