Should Lying be illegal?

We demand more censorship: Facebook are increasing their censorship department to 7,500 staff following recent complaints about distribution of videos of killings.
In China, it’s a state matter, posting untrue, malicious or pornographic information is a criminal offence and the size of the Chinese Internet police force was reported by the state government to be 2 million in 2013.  Currently regulations on the publication of information are continuing to get tighter.
There are a number of high profile cases around at the moment, for example recently a woman was locked up for sharing video evidence of her taxi driver masturbating (the driver was also locked up).
This high level of control grates Western sensibilities, but from another point of view, the Freedom to lie, cheat, spread false news etc is also not a desirable freedom, and the covert spying by US and UK governments on their own citizens is less transparent than the legal controls established in China (eg 4th May news on UK Bulk Surveillance powers).
Overall we like to think we prefer freedom.
But really, should we actually allow our political leaders and candidates to continue to spread lies and false information?   Well, at least in the Western model you are allowed to point out when they are making contradictory statements.  In China that would not be allowed as would be considered as destabilising to public order.

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