PHP7 OPcache improvements

After enabling OPcache for PHP7 in FPM/FastCGI mode, this tool is rather nice for monitoring the results:

(100% usage and 100% hit rate is generally good, it means you’ve allocated enough memory to cache the precompiled script bytecode without wasting a lot of memory by overallocating the cache size.)

PHP7 is significantly faster than some of the maligned earlier versions, see this benchmark article extract:


PHP is not dead, both the platform and infrastructure continue to evolve, and indeed to support a large percentage of the internet.  On the language side a lot has been done to complete the object oriented feature set.  Though with a long history, there’s a lot of PHP code in existing that wouldn’t meet a lot of coding standards.

In this benchmark PHP7 came out 10x faster than PHP5.6  Your Mileage May Vary.

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