Buddy Translate for WordPress

Released new translation helper tool Buddy Translate on the WordPress repository today. Please visit and donate a like!

This was developed for a client running multi-lingual moderated chat forums for language learners, so the basic requirement was to allow quick inline translation of messages.


There was no other prebuilt tool for that (most tools available aim to translate the whole page or look up an individual word) hence releasing this one.

That was the primary use case, however I’m also finding it useful enough to use on other sites to assist with manual translation tasks in progress.

The code is mainly server-side hooks for BuddyPress, bbPress and WordPress to put translation buttons in the right places and javascript to manage the results.  There’s only one results pane which is moved to the correct place for the requested translation and js/css is minified so it’s lightweight from page payload point of view.

The WordPress plugin directory has 49,476 plugins, powered by an underlying SVN release repository.  Submissions are detailed and reviewed for compliance to best practices.  Since WordPress is used by around 27% of websites worldwide, it’s a mature process.

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