Programming in C for babies

Picture for today – the C programming language, presented as an essential subject for toddlers preparing to enter primary school (入学准备  幼小街接 测试卷 C语言 – school entrance preparation, child development, test paper, C language).

A few years ago UK made it mandatory to teach kids how to program computers is now part of the UK National Curriculum – Computing programmes of study, ie mandatory syllabus for schools.  Creation and debug of simple programs and understanding of algorithms is from Key Stage 1 (ie 5-7 years old).

Maybe china will be catching up?


Also in the news today – Chinese maths learning series to be translated in English:

There’s a lot of debate on the different approaches to Maths education, I can only add that I appreciate more each year how fundamental maths really is for all types of business and computing and the education system may need to communicate the usefulness and relevance of mathematical techniques.  Let’s not forget the Maths in the new focus on computing education.

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