Everything you need to know about Windows Nano Server


only joking… you don’t need know about Windows Nano Server.

I was piqued by a paper titled “Everything you need to know Windows Nano Server” so I downloaded it and read it just to make sure…
“Starting to work with the Nano Server today is, in my humble opinion, a must” says a paper that only compares Nano to other versions of Windows..
No matter what MS do to strip windows out of windows, you are still going to save licencing and support costs if you consolidate on Linux, preferably on the desktop as well as the server.

“Amazon EC2 Now Supports Windows Server 2016”
Yes… as of writing Windows is 35-80% more expensive than Linux on like-for-like CPU/Memory depending on the options you need, without considering whether Windows needs a higher specification server to run on than equivalent Linux.

Bonus Tip: any headlines ending in a question can normally be answered no, without needing to read the article – if the answer was yes, the headline would be written as a statement not a question:
“Is Windows Nano Server a data center game-changer?”
No, clearly not.

The Open Compute Project might disrupt the data center, and arguably DevOps and AWS already have.  Headless Windows Servers isn’t a step head, it is merely a necessary step for Microsoft to allow  their customers to catch up with agile processing and provide a smaller OS with an easier licencing model..

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