Amazon Web Services China

Amazon Web Services (AWS) proved their maturity with a high turnout at AWSome Day in Shanghai on 29th September – the photo is in breaktime, it was packed during the sessions.

AWS has a mature Chinese offering: there was one minor complaint about a pre-recorded demo showing operations being done in English, and the presenter quickly showed that the same admin pages are readily available in Chinese.  This is a big difference from Alibaba’s (‘yun’ means ‘cloud’) which remains very Chinese only.

AWS allows you to create solutions with the same apis and setup inside and outside of China.  The only unavoidable caveat is that due to local legislation there is no direct connection permitted between your China and non-China AWS clouds, to what extent data is transferred in and out of China remains the client responsibility.

Amazon are still building out more datacenters in China, but suppliers assure me what is already there is a complete service stack. To judge from the presenters and exhibitors there is already a mature market with live implementations and service companies offering solutions and training.

Here’s a few pictures from the day showing Chinese AWS:


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