Human Rights in Tianjin

Strange things happen when the rule of law is subordinate to political power.

The BBC reports today Rule of law in China on the Human Rights lawyers being convicted in closed trials in Tianjin, after being locked away from the world for a year – see July 2015 report “Rule of law in China, a country which locks up its lawyers“.

Tianjin is a city of 15 million people in North China, also famous for the massive explosion last year and for its hospitals which do more organ transplants than available donors –   “Chinese officials reported in 2005 that up to 95% of organ transplants are sourced from prisoners. However, China does not perform enough legal executions to account for the large number of transplants that are performed, and voluntary donations are exceedingly rare (only 130 people registered as voluntary organ donors nationwide from 2003 to 2009)”

Tianjin is next to Beijing and shares Beijing’s atmospheric qualities.
As a major port city Tianjin aims to rival Shanghai and has been building some of the biggest skyscrapers to match, though a few of these are due to be torn down due to corruption.

Tianjin continues to enjoy inward investment from international corporations as a major centre for aerospace and other industries.

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