China – world leader in both renewable energy and pollution

Not many people realise that China is actually the world leader in renewable energy.

The recent Chai Jing ‘Under the Dome’ video was more that just an exposé of pollution issues.  It was a call for grassroots action to enforce existing law, which clocked over 100million views on Chinese internet channels in about a week before being silently withdrawn from the highly controlled Chinese media.

100 million views!   100 million views in China dwarfs the  4million or so views of different versions uploaded to YouTube (which is blocked in China).

Despite the censorship implied by the withdrawal of the video in China, the issues are firmly on the agenda, the policy on coal is changing, and Premier Li Keqiang openly answered questions raised by the Chai Jing video.

Since China is already a world leader in renewable energy, there is a promising base for this growth industry in China.


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